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Grief and loss

Grief and loss come in many forms.  In addition to losing loved ones to death, we can experience loss of physical or cognitive abilities, opportunities, jobs and career, homes, and relationships.  It’s not uncommon to struggle with the balance of honoring what has been lost and moving forward in life. Seeking support in a time of grief and loss can help you turn your attention to your grief process, make room for difficult thoughts and feelings, and continue to live a rich and meaningful life, despite your loss.

In the perinatal period, grief and loss can consist of difficulty conceiving, unsuccessful fertility treatments, miscarriage, stillbirth, prematurity, and congenital abnormalities, among other things. Having an unsettled baby or struggling to breastfeed can bring on feelings of loss. Any time there is a gap in our lives between what we’ve imagined for ourselves and what the reality is, there is potential grief to be felt.

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