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Learning and behavioural difficulties

Parents and teachers often struggle to manage some children's difficult behaviour at home and/or in the classroom. Or wonder why their child finds it hard to learn to read or why a child seems lazy and won't try hard enough to complete their work. A developmental paediatrician can help explore some of the potential underlying reasons for a child's behaviour and help make sense of the 'inner logic' behind a child's behaviour. Many of these children will have unrecognised learning difficulties too that are additional stressors contributing to or making the difficult behaviours worse. Once we can better understand a child's stressors and learning needs it is possible to make a tailored plan to address these needs and support their behaviour and self-regulation.

In the Clinic

Our health professionals specialising in Learning and behavioural difficulties

Home Visits

If you can't come to the clinic, we have a range of health professionals who can arrange home visits
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