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Nutrition - general

Nutritional needs throughout the lifecycle change continuously and impact on growth, development and overall health and wellbeing at each stage of life. An Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist (APD/N) is a university qualified health professional who translates the latest scientific research and theory into practical guidance and advice for nutrition related conditions. An APD/N is uniquely qualified to provide credible, evidence based recommendations in a field of abundant, often conflicting information. The Possums Clinic offers consultations with an APD/N on range of nutritional needs for all stages of the life cycle, from infant and childhood nutrition to adolescent and adult conditions. For infants and parents, starting out on the right path towards healthy eating habits is important. An APD/N can provide guidance on common areas of nutritional concern during the early years, such as the introduction of solids, fussy eating, and meeting nutritional requirements, particularly iron, calcium and fibre. Ease the strain of family meal times by discussing tips and strategies for relaxed and inclusive meals. Maximise childhood growth and development into the school years and beyond with expert guidance on lunchbox, meal and snack ideas, managing energy intake and physical activity and meeting nutritional requirements.

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