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Perinatal mental health

The transition to motherhood can be accompanied by great joy, and also great challenge.  It is not uncommon to experience a variety of mental health struggles during pregnancy and the early months and years of parenthood. Whether you have dealt with a mental health disorder throughout your life and you’re learning to manage this in the context of bearing and raising children, or you are having trouble coping for the first time, an experienced mental health professional can help. Postnatal anxiety and depression can be effectively treated with an individualized combination of social support, self-care, behavioral change, psychotherapy and medications, depending on what is accessible, appropriate and preferred by the mother. They are most easily treated early on, but it is never too late to seek help. Birth trauma affects up to one third of women, some of whom may develop postnatal post-traumatic stress.  Generally, therapies (such as PET, ACT and EMDR) are the most effective tools for working through trauma, yet medications can also be helpful to treat some symptoms.  Postnatal psychosis is less common and can be very frightening for the mother and her family.  It requires inpatient treatment and responds very well to appropriate medications. If you are struggling to cope while trying to conceive, pregnant, or after having a child, you are not alone.

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Sonja and Renee run two hour group sessions for mothers and babies every Friday - and there is no out-of-pocket expense if you and baby are registered with Medicare.

There's a lot that can be done to help make life with your newborn as enjoyable as possible, to get breastfeeding on track, and to prevent unsettled infant behaviour - having a plan before birth is the key! Put together a practical plan of action in our two hour workshops with our Possums RN/Midwife-Lactation consultants.

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The Possums Sleep Film: Foundations for Healthy Parent-Baby Sleep is the first genuine alternative to conventional sleep training. Have better nights and more enjoyable days, without leaving your baby to cry! You can watch it any time that suits you online. The package includes a downloadable workbook, for you to keep.

If your baby is 0-12 months, you can join a live online group of parents or carers to ask questions and discuss concerns with our Possums RN after your initial Skype appointment.

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