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Tongue-tie, upper lip-tie and frenotomy

Our GP-lactation consultant Dr Pamela Douglas performs frenotomies for tongue-tie. She is one of only a handful of practitioners in Australia qualified to both perform frenotomy and offer specialised breastfeeding assessment and support.

We see families from around South-East Queensland whose babies have been recommended for oral surgery for tongue-tie and upper lip-tie but who want a second opinion. There is growing recognition that breastfeeding babies are being referred for unnecessary and painful surgical interventions.

We perform comprehensive oromotor, tongue function, and breastfeeding assessments. Over the past 22 years since first qualifying as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Adjunct Associate Professor Pamela Douglas (GP, researcher, lactation consultant) has developed an innovative and comprehensive approach to the most commonly overlooked breastfeeding problems, which solves them without painful laser or deep scissors surgery. Growing numbers of health professionals around Australia are adopting the gestalt breastfeeding method

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Gestalt breastfeeding is the name of a new way of empowering women fit together with their babies for enjoyable, effective breastfeeding.

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