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Mothers and Babies

Are you looking for family-centred care that optimally protects your baby or your toddler’s rapidly developing brain and gut? That supports your capacity to enjoy your child?
We are Brisbane’s first privately run multi-disciplinary specialist clinic for baby and toddler problems. We offer you the help you need to find your own way through challenges that emerge in the perinatal period and early childhood. 

What makes us different?

Our health professionals are leaders in their field. We run conferences and workshops to educate other health professionals in the latest, evidence-based approaches to infant behavioural challenges, including in the management of breastfeeding problems and problems of feeds, sleep and crying. 

Have you noticed how much conflicting advice you receive, even from health professionals in the one organisation? Our work is ahead of the game – we think that in ten years’ time, everyone will be using programs like ours. Our research publications have an international profile. Our health professionals all work from the same evidence-base, tailoring the support we offer to suit your family’s unique needs.

Our beautifully refurbished clinic has a friendly, personal atmosphere that will help you feel at home. And parking is easy and free – unlike in the over-crowded hospital precincts!

Want a personal perspective? Watch one of our mothers speak about her experience at Possums.

In the Clinic

Our health professionals specialising in Mothers and Babies
Our programs and workshops about Mothers and Babies

Sonja and Renee run two hour group sessions for mothers and babies every Friday - and there is no out-of-pocket expense if you and baby are registered with Medicare.

There's a lot that can be done to help make life with your newborn as enjoyable as possible, to get breastfeeding on track, and to prevent unsettled infant behaviour - having a plan before birth is the key! Put together a practical plan of action in our two hour workshops with our Possums RN/Midwife-Lactation consultants.

What does your child’s sensory environment sound, feel, taste and smell like? Are you looking for creative ways to nourish your child’s sensory development?
Song and Sensory is an exciting new initiative for babies, toddlers and young children! (And a great way to meet other parents, too.)

Digital Download

You no longer need to be in Brisbane to benefit from our expertise. Simply book a Skype appointment!

The Possums Sleep Film: Foundations for Healthy Parent-Baby Sleep is the first genuine alternative to conventional sleep training. Have better nights and more enjoyable days, without leaving your baby to cry! You can watch it any time that suits you online. The package includes a downloadable workbook, for you to keep.

Gestalt breastfeeding is the name of a new way of empowering women fit together with their babies for enjoyable, effective breastfeeding.

If your baby is 0-12 months, you can join a live online group of parents or carers to ask questions and discuss concerns with our Possums RN after your initial Skype appointment.

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