Irina demonstrates her favourite baby settling technique | The Possums Clinic

Irina demonstrates her favourite baby settling technique


If your baby is unsettled we recommend that you look into the Possums Clinic’s evidence-based approach, which includes careful assessment of breastfeeding and feeds, consideration of the baby's sensory needs, and sleep. The strategy Irina demonstrates in this video is not evidence-based (Irina says its magic!), but we do witness how it helps soothe babies in the clinic! The most important thing you can do if your baby has a pattern of distressed behaviour is to have your health professional assess you and your baby and support you in offering neuroprotective developmental care, as detailed in the Possums five domain approach. This approach is also available for parents in The discontented little baby book: all you need to know about feeds, sleep and crying, by Dr Pamela Douglas.

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